The industrial plastics processings performed by the company Oberto Plast from Agliè allow the recovery of materials from various companies in the sector, so they can be returned to the market after a careful selection, sorting and processing with advanced machinery.


In the headquarters of Agliè the firm is dedicated to the storage and processing of waste from around the country and abroad.Businesses using plastics at any stage of their items production can contact Oberto Plast for the supply of various materials.


The company has developed over the years a productivity that has made it one of the reference points for thermoplastic materials processings, following:HDPE, LDPE, ABS, PC / ABS, PC, PBT, PET, PET / PBT, PS, PP copolymer or homopolymer, PPS, PE, TPE, TPO, PA, PA6 / PA 66 / PA 48, POM copolymer or homopolymer, PVC, EPDM, etc ..


recycled plastic granules

Oberto Plast has years of experience in thermoplastics recovery, startin the most basic services offered to businesses, customers / suppliers.All of the deliveries and withdrawals are made by owned and authorized means, as the company is registered to the National Association of Environmental Managers.Thanks to this, Oberto Plast is able to transport materials resulting from various processing types and operate the various processes at the headquarters of Agliè.You can request an offer or a disposal quote by contacting our offices.


Oberto Plast operates locally (the province of Turin), at a national and even an international level.

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